Payment Plan to recover rent arrears

First step in rent recovery. We use our experience in debt collection for landlords to take a professional approach to put a payment plan in place for tenant arrears. We contact the tenant, discuss options and establish a payment plan.

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Landlord Letters To Tenant (from Our Solicitors)

If you have tried the payment plan option of the rent recovery yourself. We send up to 2 letters from solicitor, requesting for immediate payment of tenant arrears. All legalities are taken care of to enable a quick rent debt recovery.

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Serving Section 21 and Section 8 Notice

If you tried the 2 steps before, you can ask for property repossession. Our legal experts are going to serve the required notices, based on the information you provided. We recommend to serve both Section 8 and Section 21.

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Property Repossession

We may be able to help you even if you served the notices yourself. If notices have been issued correctly, we can issue court proceeding for property repossessions. Fees are all-inclusive, so court fees are also in!

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Enforcement Officers for Rent Arrears Recovery

Recovery of rent arrears, upon repossession. We use High Court enforcement officers to maximise your chances for recovering your rent arrears. Our fees cover all costs, including court fees. If there is a way to recover your rent, we do it!

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