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Why did we start the Tenant Debt Recovery Agents?

Rent arrears recovery has become an increasing issue in the current economic climate, with more and more landlords chasing delayed rent payment. Sometimes, it may be a simple delay, depending on current circumstances of the tenant. Most often however, these slight delays can turn into non-payments and not before long, landlords get into large rent arrears, in amounts of thousands, if not even bigger.

Recovering rent arrears – a more common problem than you may think

Recovering rent arrears is not an easy process and many landlords are in distress during the process of rent arrears recovery. According with the latest government and statistics, the Besides the financial strain rent arrears puts landlords in (due to mortgage payments, insurance, solicitors, so on), if not done right, the process of rent recovery can become very painful in a very short time.

The world of internet brings information at everyone fingertips. However most of the information available is rather confusing, conflicting and not easy to understand.

AT TDR we aim to bring light into the grey area of debt collection for landlords and we aim to work with landlords, letting agents and property managers to help them get rent payments back on track. We also aim to work with property owners and letting agents to recover possession of properties whenever necessary.

TDRA.co.uk aims to evolve to become a source of information for people looking for information on how to recover rent from tenants and related aspects of this matter.

If you or anyone you know is owning or managing one or more properties, feel free to mark this website as one of your main source of information relating to rent recovery

Team of TDR